We help companies worldwide overcome talent shortages, avoid business interruption, and grow their business.

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Why Remote Symphony?

We provide an online talent marketplace where companies have on-demand access to long-term white-collar professionals using an AI-powered SaaS platform for optimally matching talented professionals with client needs.


Finance  |  Accounting  |  Information Technology

Speed to Hire

We place professionals for your business in less than 48 hours so you can continue to thrive, and grow.

Specialized Skills

We specialize in placing experienced analytical FTE professionals who can add value immediately.

Organizational Fit

We use our proprietary matching engine to ensure an optimal fit between our professionals and your organizational needs.


We guarantee client satisfaction for the duration of your project and will place an alternate professional (s) for the same term at no cost.


Information Technology

Advance and modernize your technology with specialists skilled in integrating strategy, design, and software engineering.

Accounting & Tax

Manage every aspect of your business accounting, from taxation planning to tax compliance policies, and standards.

Financial Services

Transform your finance practices and build innovative financial strategies with domain-specific analysis and forecasting precision.

What our customers say


Our online talent marketplace is designed to help companies worldwide, access the most talented professionals best suited for their specific needs. On-demand access to highly-skilled professionals allows organizations to build a dynamic workforce, remain agile, and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Remote Symphony is the first online talent marketplace serving organizations with full-time equivalent white-collar professionals for finance, accounting, and IT. Read more about our talent marketplace platform. 

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