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Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) sector globally is going through a massive shortage of talent. The pace of growth of the IT industry has outpaced the growth of new talents to manage the projects, giving rise to the critical problem of Talent shortage. Current research from IDC suggests that over 70% of IT leaders across the globe still view the skills gap as an urgent concern, despite the technology industry’s noise around its efforts to mitigate the rampant skills shortage. Another survey by IDC reveals that around 46% of executives surveyed across North America and Europe have agreed that the skills shortage is slowing them down, and 9% see this issue posing an existential crisis for their company.

Providing Talent for Software Development Teams

Remote symphony has emerged as a viable solution to overcome these gaps. We possess years of experience in providing full-time skilled and proficient professionals who are specialists in integrating strategy, design, and software   engineering   to   empower   enterprises across the globe to thrive as modern digital businesses. Remote Symphony’s talent marketplace platform possesses extensive experience working on vast range of technologies and can work remotely to overcome the need for the clients to file for their visa or provide sponsorships. Some of the  valuable skills for which we provide talent under IT services include::

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