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Accounting firms globally are battling the challenge of rising shortage of talent. With the dawn of a pandemic, accounting firms are revamping their internal controls and procedures to ensure accurate reporting can address the challenges associated with a long-term remote or hybrid work culture. The latest survey by Rosenberg which   is   an annual study of the financial performance of accounting firms in the U.S.  shows the    is exerting  immense  pressure  on   accounting firms.   Accountants   have   significantly   contributed   towards   ‘the    Period’ with thousands  of  professionals  quitting their job every   month.   Corporate   finance   teams   and   their   outside   auditors   are managing multiple projects with fewer staff    which is adversely impacting their ability to deliver accurate financial statements to investors.

Accounting services for which we provide talent

Remote   Symphony  is   a   timely and  viable  solution  for   firms   in overcoming the pressing challenge of accountant shortage. We provide world-class accounting & tax professionals who work remotely and ensure your business runs smoothly. Remote   Symphony’s   remote   talent   manages every aspect of your business accounting  from managing your current and future   taxation  planning   to   accounting,   tax   compliance   policies,   and standards for both US and international clients. 

Some of the practices for which we provide remote accounting talent include:

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